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What is the difference between a bikini, monokini and one-piece swimsuit?

A one-piece is too boring and two-piece bikinis can be a bit too revealing. If you are bored or uncomfortable with these two kinds of regular swimsuits, how about checking out a monokini? A perfect balance between the two. A monokini shows just the right amount of skin to make you feel sexy and covers the right amount, to avoid making you feel conscious. A plethora of designs and shapes make this swimwear a trending and fiery fashion statement. Let’s help you find out more about what monokinis are.

What exactly is a monokini?

  1. What is the difference between a monokini and swimsuit?

Monokini is part of the one piece swimsuit, compared to the traditional one-piece swimsuit, the monokini is more irregular and sexy.

  1. How is a monokini different from a bikini?

Bikini tops and bottoms are separate, and the tops are dominated by triangle cups, and most styles are more sexy.

Monokinis Today

The years ahead have seen many transformations of this one-piece bathing suit that extended from the shoulders or the bust up to the bottom of the buttocks. Stylists have given this single piece many varieties like halters, cut-outs, Brazilian, triangle, open-back, low-back, single-shoulder, bandeau, plunge, and sleeved. Some just include a lot of straps! Depending on the coverage you want, there is something for everyone. The latest trends also include fancy frills, embellishments, prints, side-cutouts, color blocking, etc.

Types of Monokinis

Design Monokini: This is a classic design with cutouts on either side or sometimes the midriff. It is a one-piece that shows off your curves and covers other parts. These usually look best in single colors.
Halter Backless Monokini: As the name suggests, this monokini is backless. It has a caged design and a halter neckline. It is stylish, sexy, and fancy.

Chevron Monokini: Chevron is a zigzag-printed monokini. The zigzag design can be used in many ways like an even print or as a combination of solid color on one side and lines on the other side.

Pleated Monokini: These monokinis are pleated at the waist to camouflage any flab, if that’s what you are looking for. It gives the waistline a good curve and a flatter appearance. Since it is a one-piece that covers most of the body, this type of monokini is preferred by larger women.

Mesh Monokini: For the fashionable, this is a cute piece with a mesh design. It is transparent and sexy and one can strut confidently in it. It accentuates the figure with solid material covering the vitals and has a mesh see-through covering the rest of the body.

Embroidered Monokini: If beautiful and petite is how you love to look, the embroidered monokini is artistic and elegant. The base color can be white, black, or pastel solids with contrasting or matching embroidery. This one-piece swimsuit is suitable for all ages.

Brazilian Print Monokini: Brazilian prints are like geometrics and also resemble Batik. Depending on the prints, this could suit all body types. These are great for beach and pool parties.

Vintage Monokini: A vintage look is always classic and in fashion. Polka dots and stripes with a peek-a-boo cut around the tummy, halter necklines, or thin straps, make this one-piece monokini an all-time favorite. It is cute and stylish! Sexy is not always about showing more skin.

Push-up Monokini: Another halter-neck design, the push-up monokini enhances the breasts and gives shape to the waist. It has cut-outs on both sides with a piece of cloth attaching the bottom and top half. These monokinis can be single-colored or come in a variety of shapes and prints.

Create interesting tan lines and flaunt your bikini body in style. The monokinis crafted with more cut-outs or off-shoulder, deep-neck designs than single-piece swimsuits look more fashionable and upbeat. They show more skin and are a slightly more covered version of bikinis.

Is Monokini only for thin women?

Technically monokinis flatter all Indian body type. If you have a full bust, suits with halter necks and V-necks will look best. Underwires and thick straps will give better support too. If you have a small bust, a monokini with ruffled upper half will look great and create an illusion of added cup size. If you have an hourglass figure you can accentuate your tiny waist with side-cut out styles.

What is the best reason to wear a monokini?

Monokinis are great for those women who want to wear something covered and yet look sexy and fashionable. Monokini is a great option for women who aren’t comfortable wearing a bikini. This is a great swimwear style to keep up with the fashion trend too. Especially for women who don’t want to let it all hang out in a bikini but still want to make a striking fashion statement, Monokinis are the best choice! Fashion designers have come up with lots of different ways to make this style work, and now it’s one of the most popular swimsuit trends out there. Be it a full-sleeve sporty looking monokini or a backless & stringy one for all the divas.

Will any monokini look great on you?

It isn’t hard for anyone to choose a monokini to slay the look, what is important is to find the perfect fit. There are halter monokinis, low-back, open-back, bandeau, one-shoulder, plunge, and sleeved are all variations that you can try and experiment to see which style flatters your body the most. Asymmetrical necklines can create an illusion of height and the high-waisted designs will tuck in the tummy and accentuating the hips. Picking a smaller size or a bigger size can make the entire look go for a toss. So be careful of picking the correct size.

Go get your own monokinis today for that beach or pool outing that you are looking forward to over the weekend.


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